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Paul Ekman book Nonverbal Messages Cracking Code

Nonverbal Messages: Cracking the Code

In his first scientific autobiography, Dr. Paul Ekman reveals the motivations and serendipity behind his many remarkable accomplishments. Dr. Ekman explains his journey through mapping the vocabulary of gestures. Along the way he provides evidence for the universality of facial expressions and develops tools for measuring them.

Paul Ekman book Moving Toward Global Compassion

Moving Toward Global Compassion

Why isn’t everyone concerned about the welfare of all people, everywhere? Is global compassion a gift or a virtue of the few? Or might we all have the potential for global compassion within us, dormant? Dr. Ekman explores these possibilities and offers a new take on empathy and altruism. In the closing chapter the Dalai Lama discusses these ideas with Ekman.

Paul Ekman book Emotions Revealed

Emotions Revealed

Can we choose whether to become emotionally engaged? Can we choose how we act when we are? Ekman explains why these choices are difficult. He also covers how to identify and respond to the emotions of others.

Paul Ekman book Emotional Awareness

Emotional Awareness

The Dalai Lama and Paul Ekman share their thoughts on constructive emotional experience. The key is to cultivate awareness of our impulses and feelings in the present moment.

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Christopher Hadnagy book Unmasking Social Engineer

Unmasking the Social Engineer

by Christopher Hadnagy

Daniel Goleman book Focus Hidden Driver Excellence

Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

by Daniel Goleman

Richard Davidson book Emotional Life Brain

The Emotional Life of Your Brain

by Richard Davidson

Matthieu Ricard book Happiness


by Matthieu Ricard

Increase your emotional awareness and detect deception

Learn to read and respond to micro expressions

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